Progress Junior Account

The Progress Junior account is a savings account product which helps parents to save on behalf of their children below 18years. The account is operated on behalf of children/teens by parents/guardians who wish to secure the future of their kids and inculcate the habit of savings in them.


  • 1. A great opportunity to save for your child’s future.
  • 2. Inculcate the habit of savings in children.
  • 3. Competitive interest earning
  • 4. Educational clubs/ trips for the kids


  • 1. Savings account for children/teenagers below 18yrs.
  • 2. Minimum opening balance - Ghs50.
  • 3. Minimum monthly contribution of Ghs 20.
  • 3. Interest earned is twice the normal savings account rate of the bank..
  • 3. No charges on account.
  • 3. Account can be used as collateral for loans to pay child school fees.
  • 3. Account will be held in trust by parents/guardians until child turns 18yrs.
  • 3. Withdrawal is permitted twice in a year.