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Group Loans

Group/ Loans

Group formation is very simple. The group size shall range between 10 to 15 members. The members must have viable economic activity preferably traders, artisans, tailors etc. With respect to the church groups, membership will be drawn from the various church organizations and as a requirement Church Elders will play a key role in the lending process.

The groups which are made up of societies and clubs will have their membership coming from the catchment area where a branch of the company is located. The Executives and Guarantors shall be drawn from the communities. Members will do a weekly savings for 8 weeks. The members must have group guarantee and also a savings lien of 25% of the loan size. 

The duration of the loan is 6 months and a repayment on weekly basis. The loan size would be Ghc2, 000.00 for the first cycle, GHc3, 500.00 for the second cycle and above GHc5,000.00 for the third and fourth cycles.